brunch diaries: petite jacqueline

Welcome to my first entry of the Brunch Diaries portion of my blog! Brunch is a common event for my girl gang and I, we’re practically “brunch skunks” (Bob’s Burgers, anyone?). We try to go out for brunch and go shopping at least once a month. For this entry, I’m starting out with a Portland favorite in honor of my friend’s birthday since brunch was the first thing she wanted to do!

We went to Petite Jacqueline, this cozy French restaurant located in the Old Port. Everything from the interior of the restaurant to the service was phenomenal. The assortment of goodies we ordered all satisfied our savory and sweet cravings. Alyssa and Jen both got the Nutella crepe, Alanna got a veggie quiche with home fries, and I went for a simple green salad with grilled chicken.

Their drink selection for brunch is small, but has your typical brunch drinks like mimosas, bellinis, and lattes. Of course, what was brunch without a mimosa? 😋 I’m practically a mimosa fiend, it’s the first thing I think of when the word “brunch” is thrown around. I’m big into European desserts, too. I will never say “no” to creme brulee! I ordered the creme brulee right after my salad and Alyssa ordered a chai flavored eclair. I will say, both were fantastic!

thinking to myself, “Do I want another mimosa?”

Even though it had been my third time going to Petite Jacqueline, I’m very happy I had tried something other than the Nutella crepe and that my friends enjoyed it!

my gal pals: Alanna (top right w/ me), Alyssa, and Jennifer (bottom).

If you haven’t gone to Petite Jacqueline, I highly recommend that you check it out. Whether it’s brunch, dinner, or for a quick drink, you will leave feeling refreshed and satisfied. One of the things I would recommend when checking this place out is getting a reservation! This place is a little small and will fill up quickly on the weekends, especially in the summer time. 

What are some of your favorite brunch spots? And what do you like to order during brunch? Comment below and let me know!

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