february beauty favorites

I really wish I could have started this blog back in January so I could have had a January favorites to share! But I guess starting in February is better than nothing! I’ve always wanted to do a favorites post and share with everyone what my top beauty finds were at the time! Here’s a list of my February faves:

  • Glossier milky jelly cleanser, $18 – okay, technically this has been a favorite of mine for months but I finally gave in and bought a full sized bottle after my trial size had finished up. I love how incredibly smooth this face cleanser is and also helps with removing any excess make up and dirt that your make up remover can’t remove. My skin gets very dry, especially in the winter so this is the type of face was that will leave your skin feeling healthy and smooth!
  • Sephora lip last lipstick in “Elegant in Pink”, $14.99 – this lipstick is one of my favorite products from the Sephora collection! It’s long lasting and the color will stay on for hours! It’s a very nice pink color that isn’t too bright but also makes a statement. This lip color will be perfect for spring and summer! šŸ’–
  • Glossier lash slick, $16 – sadly, I was not blessed with long lashes. I’ve been having trouble trying to find the perfect mascara for years. This mascara not only helps with making my lashes look longer, but also doesn’t make them look clumpy and lasts all day. 
  • OPI nail polish in “Samoan Sand”, $3.99 @ TJ Maxx – I’m a big fan of neutral nail colors. I think it’s a color palette that goes well if you wear a lot of neutral colored clothing in general. I found this color at TJ Maxx one afternoon for a steal price! If you need a simple nail polish to go with your every day look, I highly recommend this one. 

What are some of your beauty favorites? Comment below and share your favorite products!

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