What’s in my Travel Bag

Spring break is just around the corner and I am ready for a vacation! Any time I’m getting ready to go on a trip, I like to plan ahead and figure out what I need to bring with me on the plane, especially for those long flights. I’m heading to Las Vegas this week so I’m already starting a packing list to make sure I’m not forgetting anything.

In this post, I’ll be showing you my travel essentials 💕 I’m excluding my wallet, phone and keys – just because those are no brainers and I wouldn’t have left my house without them!


AirPods – I never leave home without them! I love using them on long trips because they’re very light weight and can fit into my bag easily.

Travel pillow – If you’re like me and like to sleep during flights, travel pillows are a must. I like the ones that go around your neck because I haaaate waking up to neck stiffness. 

Toiletries/Make up bag – I usually leave make up in my carry on luggage, but I like to leave out a few things like travel moisturizer, make up wipes, and a sheet mask in my purse for easy access.

Snacks – I like to bring my own stuff to snack on the plane, because why am I going to pay $5 for a small bag of Doritos? The only item I don’t mind splurging at the airport is drinks since you’re not allowed to bring them past TSA. I’ll always buy a water bottle at the store before I get on the plane. 

Reading material  – I like bringing a book or a magazine on the plane for light reading. I get bored on long flights so if music isn’t cutting it out for me, I like to read. For my next trip, I’m going to get started on the next Crazy Rich Asians novel, China Rich Girlfriend

Wisps – I’m notorious for getting food stuck in between my teeth – not the cutest thing in the world! I don’t feel like making the effort of taking my toothbrush/toothpaste out of my luggage, I’ll whip one of these out of my purse. 

Tide to-go pen – This thing is a life saver. I can be pretty clumsy and I’d hate to spill things like red wine on myself (especially while wearing white pants..). 

Sheet mask – this sheet mask from TonyMoly is my favorite! I love using this on long flights because it’s feels like having a spa treatment while in the air. 

Lip balm – My lips get so chapped when I’m on the plane –  lip balm is a must! The dry atmosphere while in the air does not help your skin so apply lip balm and drink lots of fluids to stay hydrated!

Hand lotion – Again going back to the “dry air, bad for skin” situation. Hand lotion is great to keep with you at all times! 

Sleep mask – How cute is this official Pikachu sleep mask? It helps block out any additional light on the plane. I try to sneak in a nap while I’m traveling to make the time go by faster. Plus traveling can be so exhausting. 

Some tips to keep in mind while traveling:

  1. Try not to bring your entire wardrobe with you. Overpacking was one of my issues when I first started traveling by myself. Really think about the outfits you’re going to wear on your trip and plan them out ahead of time. Besides, you’re going to want to make room for some souvenirs on the way back!
  2. If you are checking in your luggage, use a lock! I’ve heard horror stories from people who checked in their luggage without a lock only to find out their luggage had been broken into and some of their stuff gone. TJ Maxx and Target are known to sell locks with keys or combination locks for very cheap. 
  3. Keep your luggage organized. I cannot tell you how many times I have been stopped at TSA because of a messy luggage. The x-ray machine won’t be able to look through your items thoroughly and some electronic items may be mistakenly picked up as a threat so your luggage will need to be searched by a TSA agent. This can cause you to be late for your flight so make sure your stuff is neatly packed away so you won’t get stopped.

What items do you always bring in your travel bag? Let me know in the comments below!

One thought on “What’s in my Travel Bag

  1. This was a great list, and I absolutely LOVE your Pikachu sleep eye mask!! haha. I actually just did a similar post on my blog recently, which you should totally check out when/if you get a chance xoxo


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