Travel Diaries: Vegas Highlights

For those of you who have seen my recent Instagram posts, I spent my spring vacation in Vegas with my husband, my siblings, and my parents. It was my first time in Sin City so I had no clue what to expect other than showgirls and casinos. Turns out it was much more than that! Here are some of the highlights from my trip that didn’t come from a casino:

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High Roller – The High Roller is a ferris wheel attraction on the Las Vegas strip that is worth spending money on. It’s known as the world’s tallest ferris wheel. We could see it from our hotel room and we stayed off the strip! The fee to get on isn’t so pricey but also depends on when you ride. The admission is $25 per person before 6pm then prices go up to $34 a person. The most popular time to ride the High Roller is at night so you can see the lights but because my husband and I are NOT night owls, we went earlier. The shape of the cabins were circular and they’re very spacious. If you pay a little extra, you can ride in the 21+ cabin with access to an open bar. However if you don’t want the open bar access but still want to drink while you’re in the cabin, you can purchase snacks and drinks at the bar/concession stand before getting in line for the ride. The view is amazing as you can see all of Vegas and it’s wonderful (and desert-y) glory.

Bought this strawberry margarita right before hopping on the High Roller


Cupcakes at Sprinkles – Best known for their cupcakes (and cupcake ATM), Sprinkles is a must while you’re walking around the strip. Their red velvet cupcake is to die for! Aside from the cupcake ATM, the actual shop is located right around the corner where you can purchase other baked goods and ice cream cones. I’m wishing they had one of these in New England cause I’d spend all my money there!


Shopping at the Las Vegas Outlets (South) – Because shopping on the strip can be expensive, outlets are always the best places to go for the best deals! There are two outlets in Las Vegas, north and south. The south one is much bigger and has better stores like Kate Spade, Allsaints, and Tory Burch.


Sight Seeing at Red Rock Canyon – If you want to get a little closer to the Nevada mountains, Red Rock Canyon is your place to go! Located 20 minutes west of the strip, Red Rock Canyon has its own national park and camping site, perfect for those who are a fan of the outdoors.


Drink a Cosmopolitan…at The Cosmopolitan! – You HAVE to go inside The Cosmopolitan. Just step inside for even five minutes and you won’t regret it. One of my biggest highlights at this place was going to The Chandelier and ordering a drink. My husband and I had a blast at this place.

Other things to do at The Cosmo:

Eat brunch at The Wicked Spoon buffet and buy a compost cookie from the Milk bar!

Now this wasn’t my entire trip, these were just the highlights. There were some things I wish I could have done during my stay like watch a show or did some of the other tourist activities. I wish I could talk more about Vegas but it might have to wait until my next trip! My parents are planning to move and retire in North Vegas so I know for sure it won’t be my first and last Vegas trip.

Have you ever been to Vegas? If not, are you interested in going one day? Let me know in the comments below!




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