March/April Beauty Favorites

So I had meant to make this post before I left for Vegas, but I never got around to finishing it due to my new work training. Turns out I thought about just making this post for the past two months since these were the items I had used the most around the time. Now that I’m settled into my new job and schedule, I needed to get my mind back from vacation mode! It took me a bit but I was able to make it happen.

Here are some of my favorite items from the month of March/April!


Flamingo razor in Taro & Rose Gold – Since college, I had only used disposable razors until now. I needed some thing sturdier and that can give my legs a nice, smooth shave. After seeing reviews of the Flamingo razor, I had to try it out myself! I really wanted the Taro & Rose Gold but had to find it in another Target since it sold out in my home store. The packaging itself was aesthetically pleasing. The razor is very well made. The handle has a smooth, rubber feel to it, but definitely doesn’t look and feel like cheap rubber. Aside from the razor, it came with an additional blade cartridge and a shower holder so you can hang up your razor. I am very pleased with this product as it glides well onto my skin and does not leave razor bumps like the harsh disposables. You can find the Flamingo razor at Target in stores or online for only $9.99!


Benefit mini GALifornia blush – I was in need of new blush while on my trip to Vegas as my Tarte blush started cracking and was at the last leg of its life. What I really like about Benefit cosmetics is that there are mini versions of their products so you can test it out for almost half the price. The packaging of the product is adorable as hell with vibrant, chic colors popping out around the box. The blush also comes with a mini brush and mirror. The blush itself is an almost-orangey pink, something I was a little afraid of coming up as more orange since my skin complexion is medium. However, I have learned that only a little of this blush can go a long way with some simple strokes. I’d definitely purchase this in the regular size! You can purchase this blush in stores or online for $16.00.


eva nyc Freshen Up Dry Shampoo – Dry shampoo. It’s practically a necessity at this point! While it shouldn’t have to replace actually shampoo-ing your hair, it’s everyone’s favorite “Crap, I slept in I need to freshen up” and lazy day staple. What I like about this dry shampoo is not only does it smell amazing, but it absorbs excess hair oils like a champ! And it’s perfect for all hair types. My hair type is one of the thickest, most stubborn hair types in the world and I can honestly say that this is dry shampoo really works its wonders. You can find this dry shampoo in store or online for $12.00! Travel sized version is also available.


Sephora eye shadow primer – Because face it, nobody likes eyeshadow that fades away after two hours! While the holy grail of eye make up will always be liquid eyeliner, eye shadow primer is the next best thing. Without it, eyeshadow doesn’t hold up as well. The primer itself is lightweight and a little watery, but apply two coats of the primer and smooth it evenly across your eyelids. For $10, it’s a great quality product. Even though the primer isn’t as heavy as other primers, it does keep your eyeshadow colors vibrant all day long. You can purchase this eye shadow primer in store or online!


bliss Drench & Quench – I’m a big fan of the Bliss products but if I have to be honest here, I literally just grabbed this product out of the travel sized bin at Target just for the hell of it. I needed a travel sized moisturizer for my Vegas trip and this was the first one that caught my attention! This product starts out with a cream based texture but quickly dissolves and doesn’t feel like you just applied a cream at all! Your face will feel refreshed and doesn’t leave that greasy, oily feeling that most moisturizers leave after application. Highly recommend this product for those who want a lightweight moisturizer for all day hydration.


Baublebar hexagonal hoop earrings – Statement earrings have been my ultimate jewelry fave for quite awhile now. And of course, Baublebar is well-known for their statement jewelry. I found these babies on sale at Nordstrom Rack in Vegas and had to snag them! These earrings go well with just about any outfit whether you’re wearing it to work or keeping it casual.

The earrings matched my sunglasses! 

What were some of your spring beauty favorites? Let me know in the comments below!

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