Maine Made & Mimosas: A Bloggers Live Boston Event

All photo credit goes to Skylar Pettingill – SkypettPhoto

I’ve been a part of Bloggers Live Boston (BLB) ever since I started my blogging journey about seven months ago. If you haven’t heard about BLB, we are a community of female bloggers based out of Boston, MA to with a goal to encourage and inspire boss babes how to make it as a blogger/influencer. Recently, BLB has started to expand their community past Boston and all around New England. Since May, I have been the Maine ambassador for BLB and my goal is to connect with fellow Maine bloggers. Not only have I been able to get to network with other New England bloggers through social media, but I’ve also been getting to know the people behind their IG handles and the reasons why they started blogging.

Our first Maine BLB event was held at Rustic Arrow in Freeport, Maine, a local and female owned business selling women’s fashion, jewelry, and home decor. Everything about the store looked like a Pinterest post coming to life – the store was decked out in rustic decor as well as twinkle lights hung up on the walls.

Sign outside of store front

The staff at Rustic Arrow welcomed BLB with opens arms. It was a pleasure getting to know the staff, especially store owner Natalya, who is the sweetest little lady I have ever met!

I didn’t know how to tie the front of these shorts so Natalya helped me out!

Our event had gathered a total of five Maine bloggers, including me. It was my first time getting to meet these wonderful ladies even though we all had interacted with each other on Instagram. It was amazing to finally get to know them past their IG posts. We shared stories, blogger tips, and laughs over mimosas and sweet treats!

The biggest part of our event was trying on different pieces of Rustic Arrow’s summer collection and doing individual and group photo shoots. And we did a little shopping afterwards, how could we resist? And those hair barrettes? I bought two of them! I’m totally going back for those burnt orange shorts I had a hard time tying together. šŸ˜›

Although the event had ended, we all went out for coffee and an early dinner to hang out. Just because an event ends doesn’t mean you have to stop the fun! šŸ™‚

It was a great first event and I am so grateful for those that were able to make this event a special one. If you’re not following them yet, please follow these blogger babes on IG cause they are some of the sweetest, most creative ladies I have ever met. (From left to right: @sparkleofgrace, @kaylarose1220, @laurelandiron, and @hannahlyon)

Big thanks to Rustic Arrow for letting us roam around the store for the event, the BLB co-founders, Jessy (@jessymk) and Leanne (@stylebyleanne), as they were so supportive and helpful with getting me started on this event, our super-talented photographer Skylar Pettingill (@skypettphoto) for taking time out of his day to shoot photos for our event, and last but not least, my husband Brandon for helping out with taking videos & boomerangs for the BLB Instagram stories. What can I say? He IS the best Instagram hubby in the world!

If you are a fellow blogger babe in the New England area and are interested in joining Bloggers Live Boston, let me know in the comments down below!

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