What’s in my Work Bag

A lot of people have been wondering what my daily essentials for a regular work day are. For those of you who also work a regular 9-5 desk job (in my case, 7am-4pm…), we make sure to fill our work bags with everything we’re going to need for the next 8 hours. Here are a few things that I tend to keep in my work bag at all times.

The Bag

I’m currently using this Tory Burch canvas shopper tote I bought back in 2014 as my work bag. I bought this bag before I started my senior year in college since I knew I needed to carry more things with me around campus. This bag is incredibly spacious and sturdy, the fact that it’s still standing after almost 5 years of owning this bag is amazing.

The Essentials

bkr 500 ml water bottle in London ($48, bkr.com) – Got to stay hydrated throughout the day! This glass water bottle is my favorite. I’m in love with this simple but stylish design. I keep this water bottle at my desk at all times and I make sure to fill it up as soon as it empties out.

Planner ($12.99, Target) – Some of you may already know, I am a HUGE planner. I know everyone likes to keep their planners on their phone but I tend to find it harder to remember things if it’s in my phone and forget about it. I make sure that if there is anything coming up, I write it down. I keep my planner with me at work so I make sure that I have accomplished everything from the day before and see what I have for the upcoming day.

Snacks – I mean, you kinda have to! I hate sitting at my desk at not having something to snack on. I like to bring little things like popcorn, fruit, or a granola bar to last me throughout the week.

Other Work Essentials

I carry around my Gucci super-mini marmont as my bag outside of work since I like to do errands as soon as I leave the office. I keep my cardholder, compact, and keys inside the marmont. During work, I listen to music on my phone so I carry my AirPods with me at all times. I also like to carry a couple hair ties with me since my hair has a mind of its own. I’m loving these rubber hair ties by Invisibobble! They don’t leave a mark in my hair nor do they make my head hurt while it’s in a ponytail.

What are some of your work day essentials? Do you have a work bag where you store everything you need for the day? Let me know in the comments below!

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