Travel Diaries: Early Anniversary Trip in Connecticut

My husband and I got married in September 2018 but yet we decided to celebrate our anniversary a month early. Why, you may ask? My husband works in college athletics so once the students start coming back to campus in the next two weeks, I can say bye bye to spending weekends with him! It’s not all that bad though. I still get to see him once his game is over however it’s tough to try to plan a vacation over a weekend when school is in session.

My husband’s childhood friend got married in Manchester, CT and I have family who live near Foxwoods so we decided to make a weekend out of it! We stayed in the Fox Tower at Foxwoods and it was one of the nicest hotel rooms we have ever stayed in. Foxwoods Casino is located in Mashantucket, CT and is about three hours away from the Maine state line. Not only is Foxwoods the largest casino in all of New England, it has so many restaurants and shops that take up so much of the resort. So if gambling isn’t your thing, you can always go shopping or go bar hopping! Here are a few highlights from our weekend away:

  1. Dinner at Caputo Trattoria
Enjoying a nice dinner with my hubby!

It’s amazing how much of a foodie I have turned my husband into. He used to be the pickiest eater. This Italian place had an all day happy hour on Sundays at the bar.

2. The Neon Palm

This is Foxwoods’s newest addition: a daiquiri bar. How amazing is this?!?! Getting a tall container of goodness gives me such Vegas feels. Their menu is crazy good from pina coladas to margaritas and other frozen boozy treats. I went for my typical strawberry margarita and they were VERY generous with the alcohol. 100/10 would drink again.

3. Quick trip to Mystic, CT

Mystic was a short drive away from Foxwoods and looks like your typical, New England tourist town. While the traffic and parking absolutely suck in the summer time, the stops here are incredible. My cousin raved about Sift Bake Shop and told me I had to try it. Unfortunately, by the time we got there the bake shop was nearly sold out of their best sellers. However, there were still goodies left for us to indulge in. I tried their milk chocolate hazelnut cake with a refreshing Frose on the side!

We also tried some pizza at Mystic Pizza, which I was unaware of until then, is the main plot point of the movie Mystic Pizza starting Julia Roberts (?!?) so we had to eat some. We had slices of seafood and BBQ chicken pizza and they were amazing. They don’t call it “A Slice of Heaven” for nothing!

It was a great weekend with my hubby, family and friends. It was hard to come back to work after relaxing all weekend long though! I’m hoping we can visit and explore Mystic again on our next trip to CT.

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