Fashion for Less: Heart Shaped Sunglasses (inspired by YSL)

I’ve adopted a lot of my shopping habits from my mom. She was my biggest influence for fashion and designer items while I was growing up. Watching shows like Sex and the City and Gossip Girl also contributed to my interest in fashion (they’re also continuously on replay @ home – sorry, Brandon lol).

While there are some quality designer items that are worth investing in, there are some items that shouldn’t cause you to break the bank. I’m actually making it my personal goal for 2020 to become smarter with my money because my husband and I are aiming to buy a house. BUT WAIT, I like being trendy! Keeping up with the latest trends isn’t easy though and can be draining for your wallet. Lately, I’ve researched a lot of designer-inspired goods on Amazon and most of the reviews say they are (almost) as good as the original. Who says you HAVE to buy a name brand item to be stylish?

The first designer inspired item I want to start this segment with are heart shaped sunglasses inspired by YSL’s Lou Lou glasses.

The YSL version retails at $420.00 while Amazon’s version is $9.00. When you look at these sunglasses side by side, they look almost exact! They’re both shaped the same and the lenses are almost alike. The only big difference is brand name on the side of the YSL glasses.

See, I have shopping rules: I never spend more than $50 on sunglasses. Because WHY? I understand having to drop big money on my prescription lenses but with sunglasses, those should not be considered as an “investment”. But how cheap can you go for off-brand sunglasses? What would the quality be like? How would they hold over time? I bought the Amazon version to see for myself!

I was so excited to see these sunglasses at my front door! It came well packaged in a protective sleeve and also came with a cleaning cloth. The quality is amazing – the material does not feel cheap and definitely does not look like they were purchased for $10.

My overall thoughts of these glasses: I am SO glad I bought these over the $400 YSL ones. I’m trying to build a sunglasses collection for different styles/colors but didn’t want to spend a fortune while doing so. These glasses are a fun statement piece and I’m definitely leaning towards some red and pink ones for Valentine’s Day.

Would I ever buy the YSL version? Probably not. As much as I LOVE YSL, $400 for glasses that could potentially go out of style in the later years is not worth it.

Here is the link for the Amazon sunglasses:

What are your thoughts on saving/splurging on accessories like sunglasses? Let me know in the comments below!

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