Fashion for Less: The Pouch (inspired by Bottega Veneta)

Boy, did Bottega Veneta make a comeback with this bag! Also known as the “dumpling” or “cloud” pouch, this became a sleeper hit and was all over Instagram this past year. I saw this exact bag in person while in Las Vegas and couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked at the price tag – $1,300 for the small and $2,700 for the large! So of course, I had to slowly put the bag back and quietly walk away while holding back my tears (yes, I am super dramatic).

There was absolutely NO way I was going to drop $1,300 on such a simple bag. However, I will say….the quality is amazing and from what I hear from others who have the original, the leather makes the price worth it. If you don’t have $1,300 to shell out for the original like moi, you can still get a very, very, VERY similar version of the bag for less than $50. Thanks to Amazon Prime, this version definitely satisfied my craving for Bottega!

THE DETAILS: The leather on the original Bottega pouch is very smooth and upon receiving the Amazon dupe, it’s just as smooth as the original calf skin. The leather also doesn’t look “cheap” as you can see in the texture. The strap is also detachable so you can wear it as a clutch or as a cross body! The hoops where you attach the straps match the original as they are on opposite sides of each other.

WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE DUPE AND THE ORIGINAL? The biggest difference is honestly the inside tabs. When you open the bag, there is an original Bottega Veneta tag along with a serial number on the side proving its authenticity. However, this bag has no inside tags but honestly, you can’t tell.

HOW MUCH CAN YOU HOLD? I only use this bag for the essentials. Unfortunately it does not double as a Nintendo Switch case but it is surprisingly roomy for a small bag! However, just because it’s roomy doesn’t mean you should fill it to the rim, especially while using it as a cross body.

What’s in my pouch: Chanel powder compact, Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene cardholder, Kendra Scott necklace, Jo Malone perfume, and Glossier lip gloss

MY FINAL THOUGHTS: I’ve been using the bag for a week now and I have to say, I do not regret this bag at all. Especially when buyer’s remorse is non-existent! I enjoy the fact that this bag can go perfectly with an outfit for any occasion. Will I buy the original bag in the future? Honestly, maybe no. It’s rare for me to say but if I like a bag that much, I would for sure drop the big bucks on it. This bag doesn’t give me that * spark * I need that will make me want to go out of my way to purchase. I think this would be a great bag to re-look at later in life just to see how the style and the upkeep of the bag stays over time. But for now, I’m very satisfied with this $40 dupe.

If you want to hop on the pouch trend as well, here is the link to order your own!

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