brunch diaries: DIY Brunch @ Home!

Sunday Funday is NOTHING without brunch! The fluffy pancakes, bottomless mimosas, side of fruit while enjoying the company of your gal pals…you can’t go wrong! However, you know what can go wrong? Five mimosas later and you’re already spending a third of your paycheck! Can you say, YIKES? Must be the champagne talking. But there are ways you can have Sunday brunch at home without spending a fortune. Today on the blog, I’ll be showing you how I made brunch for two for a fraction of the cost!

Brunch Skunk necessities.

I bought some frozen brioche French toast and hash brown patties at Trader Joe’s. I don’t usually like buying frozen meals as much but Trader Joe’s is an exception cause it’s so…dang…good. The French toast comes in 4 and was less than $5 while the hash brown patties were a whopping $1.99 for a package of 10. Restaurants will charge at least $9-$10 for a single serving of French toast while I was able to prepare two servings for half the price. I found the best way to prepare the French toast is in a conventional oven at 400 degrees F for 16-20 minutes. We cooked the hash browns in the conventional oven, too but for maximum crispiness, we should have put it in the toaster oven instead. They still tasted great though!

I also bought some berries at my local grocery store and since it’s still winter time they were a little pricier compared to when they are in season ($3.99 for Strawberries, $3.99 for raspberries). A side of fruit will be at least $4.99 at most restaurants which is kinda ridiculous because they don’t even give you that much. And of course you cannot forget the mimosas (unless you’re a Bloody Mary kind of person, if so then you do you, boo boo!). A lot of restaurants will have drink specials/bottomless mimosas but they can add up quick! So I bought a bottle of Prosecco and OJ at Target for $12.00 overall and that’s equivalent to 6 mimosas!

Red berries are life! These West Elm bowls came from the FabFitFun box for Summer 2019.

My husband also helped me out with preparing some scrambled eggs! I mostly do the cooking for lunch and dinner but I let my husband take care of making breakfast, especially eggs. He’s been practicing his one-hand cracking eggs technique!

He’s using my favorite Anthropologie cereal bowl to beat the eggs!

The final product:

Placemat and plate both from West Elm. Champagne flute, silverware, and saucer all from Target.

TA-DA! Brunch at home done right! In total, all the ingredients plus the prosecco were less than $30.00. And we didn’t have to spend all morning making it or pay extra on the tip! I topped off my French toast with some maple syrup and berries and kept my hash brown patty and scrambled eggs to the side. I hate mushing together all the food in one plate haha.

On days where I wouldn’t be able to meet my girlfriends for brunch, preparing it at home was a nice and more efficient alternative. And with spring approaching, these items would be perfect for hosting brunch at home with your girlfriends! Nothing says friendship by prepping it together.

What are some of your favorite brunch foods? Let me know in the comments below!

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