Teeth Whitening for Coffee Stains

You all should know by now, I’m a big coffee drinker! As much as I love my iced lattes, we all know what happens when we drink a liiiiiittle too much coffee…yes, yellow teeth! No matter how much whitening toothpaste and Crest strips I use, it still doesn’t do the trick. I’ve been trying to find a good whitening solution for awhile now and was able to find it with Smile Brilliant’s whitening gel!

I’ve never done a big, step-by-step whitening program before so I was pretty hyped to try this out. Will say, it was quite the couple months I had with this process! First, I had to do impressions to make my whitening tray, which is making a mold out of your actual teeth so you can use the whitening tray to apply the whitening gels. They sent everything in one, big kit so I could do them in the comfort of my own home! Making the impressions was probably the hardest part of the process, because who else likes sticking clay in their teeth for two minutes? After my impressions were completed, I mailed them out in order to have my whitening tray made.

Once I’ve received my whitening tray, I started using my whitening trays a few times a week. However, I did run into a bit of a snag along the way. Because I had sensitive teeth, I was experiencing some irritation and sensitivity in my gums. But I did not let that stop myself from continuing the whitening process! I found a home remedy to help the sensitivity go away and I had to limit my use to a couple times a week so I did not go overboard.

Over time, I got to see my results within the matter of a month and a half. It wasn’t as fast as I wanted it to go but because of my sensitivity to the gels, I had to take it slow. At the end of my whitening process, I was able to see a big difference in my teeth as they went from yellow to (almost) pearly white – I reached a plateau due to many years of drinking coffee so I got as far as I could get. Overall, my experience with Smile Brilliant was positive and I would highly recommend it especially if you are looking for a great whitening solution before an upcoming event (maybe a wedding day, perhaps?).

If you want in on the teeth whitening action, I will actually be hosting a giveaway contest so you as well can start your own teeth whitening process at home!

Click on the link www.smilebrilliant.com/g/missrissblog and enter in your info for your chance to win your own teeth whitening kit from Smile Brilliant! You can also use the code “missrissblog15” for 15% off your purchase store wide.

What are you waiting for? Take a chance on whiter teeth today!

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