My New Normal: How I’ve Been Handling Social Distancing

In just a matter of days, we were all forced to change our lifestyles. That meant cancelled events, no more shopping or happy hour with friends, and suddenly transitioning to a work from home environment. But of course, I wholeheartedly understand why we have to do social distancing. The more we are out now, the less chances of us being able to return to a sense of “normalcy”. Self quarantine and social distancing have become our new normal until we are able to flatten the curve.

It’s week three and it’s been…quite an interesting time. I’m home all day, I’m constantly eating, and beer and wine bottles keep piling up in our redemption bags (we’re waiting for all of this to be over to redeem them!). Creating content has not been easy on me as well as I normally like to go out and take photos for content. However, we’ve been able to find ways to entertain ourselves! I’ve been able to make good use of my time at home by completing projects I previously said I would do as well as cooking with recipes I’ve never tried before. Here’s what we’ve been up to!


I love trying new recipes however there are just some recipes that are incredibly time consuming and intimidating! But with all the newfound time I have on my hands, I decided to try the oh-so challenging pain au chocolate, aka chocolate croissants! They’re my favorite pastry every, great when paired with coffee! The only part that was the most time consuming was making the dough the day before. They tasted great as soon as they were done baking, even the hubby approved!

coffee, croissants, and home inspo

Zoom dates with friends

It’s been killing me to not see my friends on a regular basis. But thanks to today’s technology I can still virtually “see” them without risking anyone getting sick! We’ve been finding things to do as a group via Zoom like playing Jackbox games, island hopping in Animal Crossing, and make up challenges!

My girls and I did “Palette Bingo” over Zoom one day where we took an eye shadow palette of our choice, randomly selected numbers, and whatever number we got had to coincide with the shade number on the palette!

Used Urban Decay’s Naked Heat palette for Palette Bingo!

Experimenting with Different Outfits

As if I don’t already do this! Hah! But seriously, with both my husband and I being home all day, I’ve been taking some time to put outfits together and anytime I have success with one we go outside really quick to take some photos. And we also sneak in some exercise and fresh air!

Home Improvement

Of course when you’re home all day, it makes you want to do some cleaning and organizing…and the occasional, “Hey, wouldn’t it be great if I had more furniture?” thought. When I first transitioned to remote working, I tried to work at my kitchen table but was unsuccessful as it is near one of my cat’s sun spots and she would walk all over me while I tried to work. So I turned our little nook near our living room into a corner office so I can work from home properly! My cat still tends to follow me everywhere but at least it’s a spot I can call my own.

I ordered this cute desk and chair from Amazon and the total for both was only $100! Who says you can’t buy stylish furniture for cheap? For my wall decor, I originally wanted to invest in some cute prints and buy some frames but since I’m currently in an apartment with a small space, I did not want to clutter it up so quickly. Instead, I purchased this gold wall grid from Target for $16 and hung up some clipped pics from old copies of Vogue. I made the Prada sign back in my early 20’s when I was obsessed with Gossip Girl (still am).

Trying out new beauty products

One of my goals for this year was to not be afraid to try out new make up/skin care brands and to also step up my hair game. I was selected by Ulta Beauty to become their Maine influencer for their UB Collective program and it inspired me to start thinking outside the box, trying on new lipstick colors, and becoming bolder with my eyeshadow looks.

Last but not least……ANIMAL CROSSING!

Oh yes, you’ve seen it all over social media!! Your nerd friends may have told you about this game! Guess what: I’m the nerd friend! I’m a big Nintendo fan and lover of all things cute, especially cute anime characters or cute anime animal characters. I’ve been looking forward to this game ever since my husband and I bought a Nintendo Switch. This game was originally going to come out in 2019 but it was pushed back a year later. It’s also nice because most of my friends have the game and we have been able to hang out via Discord, visit each other’s islands, and send gifts to each other in the game!

One of my favorite things about Animal Crossing is decorating my own house!

In addition to all the things listed above, we’ve only been going out for grocery shopping and quick walks around the block. We’ve also been able to support local markets and restaurants in the area as some of them are “required” to stay open. While things may seem rough right now, we are trying our best to make light of the situation by using our time at home wisely while also practicing social distancing to stop the spread. Remember, we are all in this together and there will eventually be an end to this wretched virus! Maybe not now, but hopefully soon.

My advice to you during this time? Pick up that book you were meaning to finish. Do a movie night with your loved one. Don’t live with anyone? Virtual movie night! And virtual happy hour is a thing you can do if you don’t want to drink alone! Remember, there are medical professionals and other essential workers who are working the frontline of this battle. All we have to do is stay put at home until they give us the okay to come out. And if you have the means to, support local businesses! Keep in mind, this is only temporary.

What fun things/home projects have you done while social distancing? Have you found ways to keep in contact with friends and family? Let me know in the comments below! Stay safe, y’all. ❤

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