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One of the things I miss about pre-quarantine life is brunch. Going out for brunch, dressing up for brunch, drinking too many mimosas at brunch…you name it! We’ve been doing Sunday brunch at home for the past few weeks but it never quite feels as exciting like a morning out in the Old Port. I’ve been brainstorming ideas to spark my excitement over brunch again and thanks to Pinterest and other internet influences, I decided to put together a brunch charcuterie board! In today’s post, I’ll show you how I spruced up my serving platter with my all-time brunch faves!

I bought this marble serving platter from Target for $20.00! It’s simple, chic, and easy to clean up! When I thought about which items I wanted to put on this board, I pondered over which food items we eat regularly and which foods are considered a treat to us. We got a waffle maker as one of our wedding presents but never have the time to make waffles in the morning but now with all the time in the world, it was perfect! I made waffle batter from scratch using this recipe and it was a hit.

For eggs, we normally make omelettes or fried eggs every morning but it wouldn’t have looked as good on a serving plate by itself so I opted for some hard boiled eggs for easy picking. For breakfast meat, my husband picked up these maple flavored breakfast sausages that not only looked good, but tasted amazing! I added some fresh red berries and slices of cheddar cheese for a good balance of fruit and dairy to the mix.

This brunch board is perfect for parties and for treating a special someone for breakfast in bed. It also makes great practice if you’re looking to spruce up your hosting skills for your next party at home! Finding new ways to spend brunch at home have been filling the void while I wait for the pandemic to blow over. But while I wait until the day I’m given the OK to go on brunch dates again, I’ll be finding more ways to get creative with my food! Even my husband was pretty excited about the brunch board, the waffles were his favorite!

What would you put on your brunch board? Let me know in the comments below!

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