Madewell Transport Tote Review

How many packages have I received in the mail over the course of the shutdown? I’ve honestly lost track at this point. My latest online shopping venture was with Madewell because I had a little treat yo self moment. And yes, surprise surprise I bought a new bag.

Isn’t she lovely?

The Madewell Transport tote has definitely made a name for itself for it’s simple yet classic look. I’ve had my eyes on this tote for the longest time and I finally bit the bullet and snagged one for myself. I wanted to take a break from splurging on luxury brand bags for awhile and focus on having a good every day tote without having to worry about scratching or ruining it. I wanted to invest in more simpler items that can also be versatile with many looks and can last for years to come.

I went with the small zip top Transport tote in the English Saddle color. This bag can be styled whether it’s a casual affair or if you’re dressed up! Compared to other crossbody bags, this won’t weigh you down while walking. The quality of the vegan leather is so smooth and durable. Even though this is the “small version”, it actually fits more than what I had anticipated. I’m able to fit not just my usual keys, wallet, and phone but I can also store other items like my glasses case, checkbook, and even a separate pouch with my make up minis! Heck, I’m sure you can fit a book in this too!

The price of the bag goes for $148 but for the quality/durability of the bag, it’s very much worth it. I’m planning on getting the medium sized Transport in black in the near future. This is a bag that you can use all year round and I’m here for it! Madewell also offers monogram services! I didn’t get this bag monogrammed but I think my next one will be.

Shop my look:

Bag // Madewell Zip Top Transport Crossbody $148

Pants // Target “A New Day” High-Rise Taper pants $24.99

Top // J. Crew Factory (similar) Cotton – Tank $9.50

Sunglasses // Target “A New Day” Square Glasses $14.99

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