My Winter Must Haves

Winter time in New England is rough – you got the cold weather, the snow, the inability to do anything outdoors, and you find yourself in so many layers all the time. Yes, you can definitely make sweatpants and oversized hoodies cute but I’m dying to get back into a sun dress again. This winter, I decided to invest in some pieces that I know will last me for many winters to come. As my first blog post of 2021, I want to show you some of my winter purchases as well as some other winter must haves for staying cozy at home .


  1. Canada Goose Abbott Down Jacket, $575
This jacket has served me well this winter!

Originally, I thought spending so much money on a winter jacket was absurd. Then I saw my pile of different winter jackets that I have purchased throughout the past years and realized that I’ve spent at least over $400 between 6 jackets. And none of them kept me warm like my new Canada Goose jacket. I purchased the jacket at the Canada Goose store in Boston and was happy they had one more in my size. I bought it in mid-October so a lot of people were actually starting to prepare for winter. This past weekend was the coldest it has been this winter and this definitely kept me warm. While it is a hefty price tag, I can use this for many years to come. I’m hoping to snag one for my hubby for next winter!

2. Acne Studios Pansy Face Patch beanie, $150

the beanie is a one size fits all and enough room to cover my whole head

Another splurge – I’ve never splurged on a beanie before, let alone any kind of hat but the thick wool material has kept my head warm throughout the winter season. I almost opted for the cream beige color but my make up would have rubbed off on it. One of the best things about this beanie is that it doesn’t slip off your head like other beanies do.

3. Aritzia “Super Fleece” sweatshirt, $80

Did I need to spend $80 on a crewneck sweatshirt? No. Was it worth it? Most definitely. The closest Aritzia from my place is an hour and 45 minutes away so unfortunately I won’t be making any trips down there this winter but thank goodness for online ordering. I ordered the Super Fleece a few days before Christmas and can definitely say that this has kept me warm and cozy during my days in. Best of all, the neckline isn’t so constricting so I can sleep in this without any issue.

4. Chunky Faux Leather Boots, $30

I’ve always been a boot person, but never thought I could pull off the OTK and the now popular chunky, combat boots. I found some at my local H&M for $39 and figured I’d give the look a try. Also, the boots are probably the least expensive item on this list. Luckily, you can style these boots whether it’s a casual outfit or if you’re going out and want to dress a little stylish. The soles aren’t slippery either as they have a little bit of traction, something that I struggle with some boots that I find. These boots aren’t so bad for the price and fit well for a nice winter day when there isn’t too much snow on the ground.

I’ve worn them with leggings too!


  1. philosophy Purity face cleanser & moisturizer, $25 and $28

One of my favorite skincare brands in the world is Philosophy! The Purity face cleanser and moisturizer has never failed me in the winter and both do a really good job at keeping my skin moisturized and reduces the amount of break outs during the winter. I’ve also convinced my husband to use Philosophy and he’s already noticed a change for his skin!

2. First Aid Beauty facial radiance pads, $36

I’ve been using this as a toner for over a month now and I love it. The pads itself also help exfoliate your skin and removes any excess dirt. I like to use one pad after washing my face at night and before I put on any moisturizer.


Here are some other things that are a must have for winter in terms of candles, home goods, etc!

  1. Boy Smells candle in HINOKI FANTOME, $32 – for a smoky and spicy scent on a relaxing night
  2. Crate & Barrel caffeine mug, $3.95 – perfect for hot and cold drinks!
  3. Tory Burch slippers, $150 – for around the house!
  4. OUAI Chill Pill bath bombs, $30 – baths are a winter necessity, so take a chill pill and just vibe
  5. Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair deep conditioning hair mask, $36 – don’t let dry hair in the winter time get you down!

What are some of your winter must haves? Let me know in the comments below!

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