Spring Things 2021

Spring is finally here and I’ve been dying to get my spring/summer wardrobe ready for awhile now. Throughout the winter season, I’ve been planning out what pieces I wanted to add to my collection this year. I was a little naughty and made some purchases before the warm weather inspires retailers to hike up the price. In this post, I’ll share all the purchases I made in terms or fashion, beauty, and skin/hair care as well as listing a few that I am looking into purchasing in the future.


  1. Chloe Logo Sandals ($350)

My shoe collection just keeps on growing! I know I had just purchased the Tory Burch Miller sandals last year but I definitely wanted more selection in the shoe category this upcoming season. I had my eyes on these Chloe sandals for quite sometime. In fact, last year was a toss up between Tory and Chloe. I’m imagining myself wearing these more with casual outfits and sundresses. The reviews on the Nordstrom and Saks websites recommended sizing up in these shoes as they are known to feel tight and narrow at first so I got a size 38 (8) when I’m normally a 37.5 (7.5). I have yet to wear these in public but they’re aching to be worn!

2. Loewe Basket Tote ($460)

I can’t get through one season without a bag purchase. It’s a curse. I first laid eyes on Loewe last year and really wanted to get my hands on a Puzzle bag but I ended up going with another bag instead. Straw/basket bags are becoming very popular when the weather starts warming up and they’ve been styled with no issue for the past few years. Which brought me to my decision – the Loewe straw tote was going to be my spring/summer bag. The Loewe tote tends to sell out pretty quickly so spoiler alert…I also purchased this while the getting was good. It was on sale on the Farfetch website so wanted to snag it before anyone else did. I bought it in white so I will definitely be doing a bag review once it comes in and I get some use out of it!

3. The Group by Babaton TY Cardigan from Aritzia ($138)

I found this robe-style cardigan in Aritzia not too long ago while shopping with a friend in Boston. I wanted a cardigan that I could wear on days where I didn’t need a jacket and this is easy to layer. I bought it in a size medium and honestly, I think I could have gone smaller but I do like the oversized look and it makes it easier to wear a couple layers underneath. It doesn’t feel heavy and is made out of high quality material. You’ll be seeing me around town with this cardigan all season long.

4. Bodysuits from Aritzia ($48)

dressing room shot from my last trip to Boston

Another Aritzia purchase from my last shopping venture (my entire wardrobe will soon be taken over by Aritzia…). After purchasing a couple bodysuits last spring, I didn’t realize how versatile and flattering they can be. I got this ribbed bodysuit in white and sized up to a large as some Aritzia clothing can be very tight fitting for those with big boobs and I wanted the extra wiggle room. These bodysuits can easily be paired with a simple pair of jeans, shorts, or a skirt!

TNACHILL bike shorts from Aritzia ($20)

As seen in my travel post from a few months ago, these bike shorts are probably my favorite thing in the world. I like wearing biker shorts on a casual day and the ones from Aritzia are incredibly comfy and surprisingly budget friendly. In comparison to the Lululemon shorts, these are a whopping $20 and comes in many colors. There are also butter soft and waist sculpting bike shorts for $18 more but honestly, not too bad of price compared to Lululemon’s. In my personal opinion, I feel like I like these more.


Function of Beauty shampoo & conditioner

I was pretty stoked when I saw the Function of Beauty display at my local Target over a month ago. As seen on social media and promoted by many YouTubers and influencers I follow, I was wanting to try this for awhile (and was also hoping I’d be reached out for a collab…it ain’t too late, Function of Beauty hehe). I liked the idea of creating my own shampoo/conditioner to match my hair type as well as being able to customize the features that I wanted in a shampoo/conditioner whether it was to strengthen, hydrate, or have heat protection. While the Function of Beauty retailer online does all the mixing for you, the Target version is a little different. You purchase the base of your shampoo and conditioner separately ($9 each) and select your natural hair type. For example, my hair type is naturally wavy so I bought the wavy base. Then you select up to three mixers, aka your “functions” ($2.99 each and it comes with two capsules – one for your shampoo and one for your conditioner). I selected, hydration, strengthening, and heat protection. Drop the capsules into your shampoo and conditioner base bottles and shake them vigorously. I’ve been using their shampoo and conditioner for over a month now and it has done wonders to my hair. Not to mention, it smells amazing!

Mario Badescu deoderant ($14 at Ulta Beauty)

A brand new item from Mario Badescu – this deodorant smells amazing and has a natural fresh scent. The best thing is that it works on all skin types and you won’t see the clumpy white residue on both your skin and your clothes. Deodorant was kindly gifted.


Aesop Post-Poo drops ($29)

an Aesop shefie at the Newbury St location.

A random purchase to list in this blog post…but the world has to know about this! Another purchase from my last shopping adventure in Boston – Aesop is a sustainable, clean beauty brand that ranges from skin care to home essentials. My friend took me to their Newbury Street location and I fell in love with their products. I bought the after-poo drops to start and my husband and I are obsessed with the smell. I can guarantee you that this is 10000% better than buying a bottle of Febreeze and Poo-Pouri all together. The scent isn’t as heavy as the sprays and makes your bathroom smell luxurious and fresh. And of course…no raunchy after #2 smell!

Reusable French style market bags ($22 for four bags on Amazon)

Something about these bags that make grocery shopping so aesthetically pleasing. In order to make my boho, farmers market summer dreams come true, I bought these reusable bags on Amazon. They look small when you open them up but once you start loading your items in the bag, the bag itself will expand.

What are some things you are looking forward to for spring? Let me know in the comments below!

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