travel diaries: Hello Seattle

During my last trip to Las Vegas, we did a mini trip in between and went to Seattle, Washington – a place that has been on my travel list for so long. We figured why not since we were going to be on the west coast anyway? We took a direct flight during Memorial Day weekend from Vegas –> Seattle and it only took two hours!

Snow capped mountains on our flight to Washington state!

We got through the airport and to the rental car center quickly and smoothly. We rented a car for a couple days since we didn’t want to rely on an Uber for most of the time we were there and we needed a five-seater because we also took my brothers and cousin along. We upgraded to a luxury rental since it was $10 more per day than if we were to get a standard SUV. As soon as we got to the rental car, the guy pointed us to our Jaguar SUV which both Brandon and my brother (who persuaded me into booking the luxury rental) was VERY happy with. Our drive from the airport to downtown was roughly 15 minutes and we stayed at the Westin hotel, a few blocks away from Pike Place Market.

We rode in style for Memorial Day weekend

After we checked into our hotel, we walked down to Pike Place Market and did some sight seeing around the busy marketplace. We wanted to stand in line for the original Starbucks but it was too busy and we ended up getting Piroshky Piroshky instead. Piroshky Piroshky is a Pike Place staple which specializes in Russian baked goods and we stumbled upon it because my cousin ended up getting some for himself and the place smelled SO GOOD. We got a couple piroshky pastries to tie us over until dinner time.

The next morning, Brandon and I woke up early to walk back to Pike Place and wait to go to the first Starbucks. They opened at 6:30am so luckily we’re early to rise and walked down before 7am. By the time we got there, the line was still very long! It took us an hour and a half to get through the line. When we got to the front, the barista took our order outside so the baristas inside could work on them while we toured the coffeeshop. The coffeeshop itself was small and filled with Starbucks merchandise that you can only get at the Pike Place location. Their merch ranges from special coffee mugs, tote bags, special roast Pike Place coffee beans, and other small items. Unfortunately at this location, it’s drinks only and no food. Brandon and I were so hungry by the time we left Pike Place, we lucked out by grabbing breakfast at our hotel.

We hopped in the Jaguar not too long after getting ready at our hotel as we had so many plans to fit all in one day. Our next stop was at the Starbucks Reserve next to the Starbucks HQ building. We thought we were crazy for having MORE coffee but the Starbucks Reserve was a place I have wanted to check out. Currently, the US only has Reserve locations in Seattle, Chicago, and NYC. What amazed me about the Reserve was how fancy the set up was plus their extensive menu compared to a regular Starbucks cafe. Their food ranged from gourmet sandwiches, artisan baked goods, and fancy desserts like tiramisu and raspberry chocolate tarts. Now, let me talk about their drinks….oh my goodness. Not only can you get some specialty made coffee, but also specialty made cocktails with some that are coffee based! I opted for an espresso martini – I never really had one before but I can proudly say my first one was made with Starbucks espresso.

We swung by the Jimi Hendrix statue because my brother wanted to pay homage to him and then made our way towards the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPop for short). The museum is next door to the Space Needle, which we also wanted to check out, but unfortunately we could only make room in our schedule for one tourist-y activity.

We got to see so many cool exhibits and props from music to movies – my personal favorite was the Fantasy exhibit where they had real props from movies like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Wizard of Oz, etc on display. The Harry Potter glasses worn by Daniel Radcliffe himself caught my eye!

During the trip, we got to meet up with my extended cousins on my mom’s side of the family and I got to have brunch with my Instagram friend Vanessa and her boyfriend (IG handle: @vanessaxcamille). I didn’t want it all to come to an end as Seattle was the last half of our west coast trip. I didn’t want to leave Seattle in general, there was just so much to see but we didn’t have the time (I told Brandon we should move there). We really enjoyed our first trip to Washington state and hope that we can return sometime soon.

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